Gateway Universe novella, Draxius Lost, set to release in July!

My novella, Draxius Lost, will be released this July, just in time for me to have copies at the upcoming Galacticon 4 event in Seattle July 31-Aug 2!.   Draxius Lost  is a storyline within the Gateway Universe and follows Lt. Emily Martin (a key character in the Gateway Series) as a young officer learning the ropes when a mission goes bad.

The cover reveal will be coming up soon but here’s the dedication:

As ‘Draxius Lost’ is the story of Lt. Emily Martin, it is only fitting that this novella is dedicated to the hard working and dedicated women of the U.S. Armed Forces. I would like to specifically thank the female Sailors and Naval Officers I had the honor to serve with during the second half of my military career (when women were allowed to begin serving on combatant ships). Although Emily Martin is a fictional character, her best attributes are drawn from the examples of intelligence, service, and sacrifice you set everyday.

You can learn more at

Confirmed a book signing and baked some biscuits

I know, odd mix.  This morning I confirmed a book signing at Liberty Bay Books in Poulsbo, WA for 3 May from 2-4 pm. You can also sign up for the book event on my facebook page.

After that, I thought I would do a test run of some biscuits in my smaller dutch oven before making a big batch.  I must say, it was a success…here are the pictures.

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